Game Engine forum change and ALT+S submit

Hey everyone!
I have a few changes that I’d like to propose for the Game Engine forum.
Anyone who has visited will have seen the vast pool of intellect that resides within each forum.
I believe that the Game Engine at would benefit for a similar separation of Game Engine material.
For example, we have two main forums for ideas; the Support forum and the Resources forum.
I believe that the lack of options for posting is limiting the discussion and availability of ideas. Complex topics, beginner questions and research are amalgamated into a single Support title. At there is the specialisation of each game design aspect per forum. Whilst I do not propose that we have the same number of options as sited there, I do believe that we could use some dedicated threads:

  • Multiplayer programming
  • Maths and Tools
  • API questions
  • Visual Programming (logic bricks)
  • Beginner programming
  • Asset creation

Or, perhaps it would be better to split it into the same base categories as GameDev, using Technical side, Creative side etc.
I don’t want to fragment the community at all, but sometimes I feel as though there is a lack in aspiration to innovate. People redevelop the same solutions, asking in one place for everything. Instead, having dedicated forums allows for experts in their fields to stay in one place, and mix when they wish.

As a final note, I believe that the ALT+S quick submit no longer works, yet I read that it should! Is there a reason for it?
Many thanks, Angus.