Game engine Gallery

Hi, i have an idea for the GE subforum, why dont create an GE gallery?, as in the Artwork SubForum, they should make an GE gallery, the moderators would select the best Games or Games Demos and Post them in the gallery, what do you think?

I think it’s a good idea. A showcase of the BGE’s best could help inspire other users. I’d quite happily spend time soaking up screen shots/gameplay vids/trailers and playing demos in the BGE gallery.

Utterly brilliant idea.

I like the idea too. I love to look at screenshots and demos. Just can’t find alot of them online in one place for comparison. I vote a emphatic YES. :smiley:

i “+” this idea

Sounds like a cool idea, there are a lot of cool blender games that I have never seen nor heard about because they are buried after time of sitting.

Isn’t that what is for?

The showcase work well for that purpose too, but hey, I voted for it so I can complain.

yeah but if they make it here, we can see the best games made in the BGE, and ther we can see them :slight_smile:

I don’t think enough games get posted on here which would be of a quality to be put into an on-forum gallery to have an on-forum gallery in the first place.

The games would have to be finished, polished and of a high standard. Occasionally a few come through, though not as many as amazing still renders. Rating the games in the finished games forum at 5 stars should be an equivalence to a gallery. If you look at the games some 5 star rated don’t really deserve to be called “so good I’ve run out of stars to rate it with”, thats a name reserved for something that forces you too scoop up your jaw off the floor.

It’s a cool link, but it misses all the short concept demos (like the bathroom demo) showing off the BGE and screens like those by kev2m that are still done in the GE but is not a game. It would be great to have a gallery to demonstrate the best models, textures, scripts, levels and concepts without requiring a fully functional game/demo (given a complete polished is very difficult).

I agree there aren’t many complete games and they don’t always dazzle like the still renders. But I think still renders and the BGE aren’t comparable. The GE has more limitations to work around to look good, and the focus isn’t purely on the art and rendering but also logic/scripting, story lines, game play, level design and the like. I see them as two different things that should be rated differently. Sure, there are games where the visuals aren’t great, but you’ve also got to consider that there could be some very creative scripting in the background or unique game play (the designer could be more interested in these elements than visuals). Which is why I think the BGE should have it’s own gallery rated on it’s own terms.

nice idea!

I’m not comparing the dazzle factor between still renders and games, I’m comparing the volumes of games that are actually made and the number that do dazzle.

There are 16,369 threads in the finished projects forum (stills and renders) and 254 threads in the gallery, thats 1.5% of finished projects get moved to the gallery.

For every 300 stills and animations made by the community, 2 are moved to the gallery.

The percent would be different for games I am sure (a bad game would probably be abandoned before its finished) and there are already a few gems in the forum, I however do not think there are enough to create a separate forum to showcase them.

Now, what would be better is a spot on the Blender site or the wiki were those few gallery worthy games could reside. :wink:

it’s a nice idea :smiley:

I think a better idea might be a gallery sticky in the finished games forum- I agree that there aren’t enough really good games coming out of Blender right now to have a whole gallery forum, but we could collect links to the outstanding ones in a sticky.

I voted yes, but in the normal gallery, there are only 10 pieces, so I think nobody ever updates it. Out of all of the tens of thousands of projects posted on this forum over the years, 10 make it to the gallery? weird…

@andrew-101: Sorry man, completely misread your post :o I blame the night shifts.

Still, something like the suggested sticky to collect the best of the finished work would be cool.

If you guys can help me figure out what would be in a “best games” sticky, I’ll set it up. I don’t have time to maintain or judge an actual gallery, but I think andrew101 is right in saying that we probably don’t have enough games to merit one anyway.

I recommend to go and rate

  • WIPs
  • finished games and
  • resource threads

With that you can sort the threads by rating.

It can be a way to see what the community thinks about the work. It would update automatically with each new rating. That keeps a lot of work away from the moderators.

Please keep in mind a thread needs at least 3 ratings to show a rating.