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Well, it would be nice to just have a section of the few really nice games in a separate section, so that the good games, even if they are old, are not buried under a pile of poor and/or unfinished ones. Like that Lucy and The Time Machine game, that will soon be buried and no newer users will know about it, thats a shame because it was a nicely constructed game. There have been a few nice games with blender, and even though new stuff won’t be added much, the good games will still be there for easy viewing. I’m not complaining or anything, but it would be nice if there was an easier way to view good games, like Socials FPS template, thats been very helpful to users for a long time, that could go in that section. Just tossing around ideas, I know you guys are busy, and building a whole new section would take some time, but it would be interesting to have.

Agreed. There are tons of half finished, or poorly finished games on BA. A thread for well made games would be a welcome addition.

89 Threads in Finished Games are tons?

If you think a game is half finished then rate it with one star = terrible or two stars = bad. Leave a (constructive) comment to force the author to improve the game.

No star means it is not rated yet (maybe no one looked at it, who knows).

The finished games forum has right now 15 rated threads all with good or excellent. This is not that much. As I wrote you can sort the threads by rating (that is what I do in the WIP and Finished games forum).

By the way if we end up with a sticky, how about calling it hall of fame?

Yes, that is one way to do it, but the problem with that is people who start off with some really nice screen shots, and then everyone rates it five stars and the game never goes anywhere, and the people can’t change their rating on it, and don’t care to do so.

Well, it wouldn’t have to just be completely finished games, perhaps games with great info for people, like Socials Template I mentioned earlier, just some things that people really like, or something designed for the BGE to look really great, even if its not yet a game. But, I’m just trying to give constructive criticism, so don’t take me as angry or anything, just trying to see if there are benefits to such a thing or not.

Hall Of Fame would be pretty cool. :yes:

presentation is also part of a game :smiley:

you are right, it is not possible :mad:. I do not know why not.