Game Engine Glass

I want to create glass in the game engine. Is there any way to do this with materials or textures? I’ve searched for tutorials, but couldn’t find anything helpful. The glass doesn’t have to magnify or anything, just be transparent enough to see what’s behind it, while still seeing the glass. It is for use in a small energy core type of thing with a glowing substance inside. Any ideas? :spin:

You can check ‘transparency’ in the material panel and play with the alpha until you find the result satisfying.

I did and the preview window displayed the material I wanted, but it was still opaque in the game engine.

Did you used Z transparency?
What kind of shading are you using (GLSL or MultiTexture).

If its possible, could you upload the blend.

I used Z transparency with the alpha set to 1.00, I don’t know what the shader is, and my computer won’t let me upload anything for some reason. :confused:

Lower the alpha levels.

Still opaque.

Hmm…This is new.

Press “N” while in the 3d window. There you will find Display … open that up and look for shading… then you can select what you like from the drop down. Im not sure which one you need but… there it is.

Be sure that if none of your Textures has an Alpha Channel but is used as an Alpha Map, »Use Alpha« in the Image Sampling must be deactivated.

Are you in textured mode? Alt+z

Isn’t transparent in solid or textured mode. Could someone explain the alpha map and alpha channel and alpha setting and alpha whatever that I keep hearing about? I think I need to do something with UV to get the texture transparent, but I don’t really understand it.

Now the material is transparent in the textured view but not the GE.

Got it working. Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: