Game engine help please

I’m new to blender, and am stuck on a new project that’s eventually going to be a 10 pin bowling game.
The problem I have is that I have created a ball, a pin and a floor. When I applied rigid body physics to them, the ball falls and rests on the floor, but the pin seems to fall half way through the floor. Strangely, it only appears to do this from a side view.
It seems to be something to do with the pin objects’ origin, but when I reset it to geometry, it’s not in the objects centre.
What am I doing wrong? Please help.

I have attached the 2.56 blender file.

PS this is my first post on any forum, so I hope I have the etiquette down, and hope I get a response.



bowling.blend (459 KB)

Change collision bounds on your pin to convex hull. I did, and it works fine. Also, everything is to high poly. Physics with that amount of faces = extremely slow game. Make new objects with vastly fewer faces.

okay, that seems to work, thanks. I did try that on a previous version of the pin model, and the pin just kept falling over, as if it had a convex bottom, like a weeble. When is it correct to use convex hull, and why with this model?
Also - any idea why the pin seems to fall to the floor proper in a user perspective where I can see the floor surface, and seemed to fall to about half way through from a side view?
The poly count is already too high? They seem pretty basic models to me, but this is my first game. How could I reduce the poly’s effectively? Maybe decimate? What is a good face count for a game, or for this model?

Don’t decimate. Ever. Make new pins and a ball. Game models are not like models for rendering. I can’t say exactly how many faces of course, but I’d say you need maybe 75% fewer faces - if you have 1000 faces now, make 250 faces.

Physics are tough and fussy. Look up some tutorials. Minor changes to bounding boxes, margins etc do a lot.