Game Engine help

hi everybody!:slight_smile: i’m a “Blender beginner”, and im working on a GE system… like “crowd animation”: in this system, there is a leader object or character, who can make other objects to follow his behavior(movement, basically). I’m kind of stuck with this; when the leader object is near(a specified distance) to another object, the object must 2follow the leader". I have tried to do this with scripting, creating “near” sensors on the objects, and trying to “copy” the leader actuators in that case. But I cant get a connection between the BlenderObject and the GameObject, i mean, refer to a BlenderObject as a GameObject, or the other way. So, i would really appreciate any light u could givee me… another way of achieving this behaviors, or anything… thank u VERY much! im really desperate :S

so… do you want the follower objects to ‘follow’ the leader object when it is near? meaning do you want it to track to the leader object and follow it around like a car on a train? or do you want the follower object to perform a similar action (such as animation or other scripted behavior)?

hi, thanks for your reply marvo! the sistem im working on is pretty simple… i’d like the “follower” objects to be able to perform the same action of the leader. Although, leader actions(Initially, at least) are simple… like moving along horizontal/vertical axis, changing orientation, so i think they could be considered as “tracking” actions… i want to model “forces”, so the follower objects will be attracted to the leader and they will track to him, or they wont be attracted, depending on the distance between the leader and them… thanks again for your attention and for any help! :slight_smile:

From the way you are talking (“BlenderObjects and GameObjects”) it occurs to me that you may be trying to use the main Blender module in your scripts, which just won’t work. The Game Engine only supports a few Game Engine specific modules from Blender, like GameLogic, GameKeys, and Rasterizer (there’s a physics one, too, but I can’t remember its name).