Game Engine Help!

Would it be possible if I made a pre-rendered scene, and then, used it within my game? Would I be able to walk through it as if it were in 3-Dimensional space? If this is possible, could someone teach me how to do such a thing? Please & Thank-you!

If you mean a video, yeah, you can use the bge.texture module, though you won’t be able to walk through it. If you mean just a scene with everything baked, that’s also possible - look into baking textures and lighting onto the textures of the objects.

You mean similar to Syberia?

it uses prerendered backgrounds

the same is used at the Monkey Island 5 demo. If you google for it, you should be able to find it.
It can teach you a lot. As far as I remember it is running in 2.49b too (But I might be wrong with that).


I mean like Resident Evil or Dino Crisis. I haven’t played Monkey Island 5 so I can’t exactly comment; however, I have played at least one of those games. If my memory serves me right, they had fixed camera angles (much like RE and DC).

Oooh, I see, like FF7 had -

Yeah, that’s possible. Basically, it’s background and overlay scenes with the different images on them, and you place invisible 3D boundary and interaction objects in the game scene, next to the Player.

The Monkey Island 5 demo is a blend file :wink: with exact that technique

Thanks a ton! Would you mind linking me to a tutorial of some sort? I always love learning new things in Blender!