Game engine improvement


I don’t know if this is the right place for askin this (if it isn’t "[email protected]")

The game engine combines a lot of functions including python scripts. If someone could update the blender GE so it could accept other scripts (like AI languages) it would be nice.

Contact me (forum message or email above).

I think it will never happens…
Developer clearly stated that they won’t work on more than one api( and it sounds right to me)
If you want to use other languages, you can still do it with python. I’m sure there are method for running C code, and i think that wrappers can work for you.
Often lua was suggested as a new language, search for threads about it and look at the possible solutions :wink:

But how can i do that?

There are scripts that convert Lua code into Python code - I prefer python, but that is beside the point. Like Makers_F said, search on the threads here, or google it.

Swig, pyrex and ctypes will allow you to code in C/C++, wrap it in python then use it in the game engine. There’s plenty of documentation on them, but it can be hard going in places if you’re not familiar with both python and C/C++, made harder by the lack of start-to-finish step by step tutorials on the process.

I’m currently looking into how to write pure C python modules then use them in the game engine, so all those functions I frequently use in the BGE can have the speed benefit of being in C (hopefully!).

Get a hold of me via IRC in either the #blendercoders or #gameblender channels on Freenode and we can probably get something figured out. As already stated, adding direct support for other languages is probably out of the question, but running the language through some sort of Python layer might work.

Moguri is working on this? I guess it will be great!

I’m not so much “working on this” as offering to help the original poster come up with a workable solution. However, this is easier with some real-time communication.