Game Engine improvements with Bullet Physics & OGRE graphics

Game Blender is moving forward, and I try to spend some rare spare time on making some bug fixes for Blender 2.43 game engine. The focus will be on Bullet Physics issues. The recent upgrade to use Bullet 2.x might have fixed some issue, but also broke others, so we need to tackle those isues before Blender 2.43 release. Graphics problems should be fixes once we switch over to use OGRE graphics rendering. Charlie is working on this in his new Echo project.

If you are interested, check out Blender 2.43 Preview 12, for Win32 or OSX Intel:

Preview 12 adds Lightmaps support using the new 2.43 Render Baking feature, thanks to Charlie. Also it includes some patches/bugfixes from Malachy and RCRuiz.

Some improvements are planned for character control. Other additions are Blender GUI buttons for constraints and compounds (instead of python scripting): From Preview 9 onwards, pivot axis ax X/Y/Z is defined in degrees (-360,360) euler angles. Make sure to use the new ‘show pivot’ button to see if the axis is correct.
Preview 10 adds a new option in the Game Menu: Show Physics Visualization, this should help debugging physics, collision and related issues.

Some of Malachy’s patches are included in preview12, more fixed might follow:

I will be asking for some help, but remember I have limited time so I have to focus on fixing some important issues.


Why the heck does this topic have no replies in half an hour? This is huge!


the ge keeps getting better and better. thanks

i wonder if i could try to help fix some of the bugs?

Words fail me. God bless you erwin.

Awesome work erwin please dont ever stop! :wink:

second Siegel

You are the best. Bullet rocks.
I know that this is stupid and we are not supossed to do it but in winXP when I run it and create a static triangle mesh with a rigid body constaint Blender crash.

Awesome :smiley:

that the good news, I am glad the day…:smiley:
thanks erwin for you works…:slight_smile:
I am going to prove your advance of blender 2.43
soon I leave my commentaries:)

thanks for all the hard work Erwin… keep up the developing :wink:

Hey how much more powerful is the Ogre render over the Blender Game Engine render?

Oh yeah, thanks man, all you guys rock so hard!

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I heard about you doing some improvements for bullet, and I’ve been waiting for this, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

this is frikkin awsome

Why the heck does this topic have no replies in half an hour? This is huge!

Some of us have to work there buddy.

I agree. This is going to be great. In fact I have been postponing my projects in anticipation. I’m playing with the preview right now. Thanks Erwin!

Shock and awe… shock and awe…

Oh yeah. I started mucking around with this and I completely forgot about the world around me. XD j’4wes0me. Giant cascades of funny-shaped, hinged monstrosities rattling all about. Great stuff.

this is gonna be sweet… DLing now… I can’t wait…

[edit] I’ve used it some now, Thank you so much, I’m freaking out right now.)

Preview 7b is for download now (win32).
This one has the generic D6 constraint enabled. Not all limit-combinations work. No documentation either yet, but perhaps the included quick sample will expose. Work in progress!

For the animators non-game engine people: the easter egg key is:
<LEFT CTRL>+<LEFT SHIFT>+<LEFT ALT> + p = simulate rigidbody without running the entire game engine, and bake the keyframes.
Also, some python bindings for constraint generation is added, to allow future COLLADA Physics im/export for rigidbody constraints.

Thank you very much for the advancements to the game engine Erwin. You are a vital part of the community and to the development of Blender. I’ve got a little project going but so far its just uv-mapped models and i’m going to wait until there is a final release of the OGRE infused BGE to unveil it.

I will be sure to mention you in the beta versions of my project = )