Game engine issues and questions

Hey guys!

Some of you have helped me quite a lot with bge, and I have a few more questions.
Without further ado, here they are :
-How do I make my character actually “teleport” / equivalent to another scene with all properties still applied instead of copypasting the player from one scene to another?
-I have a weird issue with my character : If I add more than 5 materials to her, Blender crashes without any information once I try to execute the game by pressing P or launching in external window. I also noticed that sometimes the number doesen’t matter, but, the complexity? For example if I add a frensel-toon material to make a spacey skin-tight suit, it works fine at maximum framerate. Now, if I copy that material and alter the colours and properties just a bit to have secondary colour and apply it, boom. Blender crashes, and it’s me pretty effin’ mad. Any ideas on how to fix this?
-Is it possible to have re-visitable scenes, but instead of completely reloading one, it continues from where you left off previously?

The crashing may be a problem of graphic ram, sounds like it if you think it is dependant on complexity. Otherwise, if it is a node-based materials, they sometimes don’t copy fully, so there may be some lingering things from the previous one that are causing it to have issues.

I’d suggest having a look at Monsters guide to saving/loading and scene switching, it covers what you want to know in the first and third question.

Okay, thanks!
I also noticed that I can load scenes with lots, lots and lots of things in it but my character, only the character crashes. It’s only got around 4000 vertices. No modifiers whatsoever applied either.

Okay, I just noticed that the character only crashs on GLSL. I tried appending the character only into the default cube and pressing P. Still does not work. I’ll try to delete all the materials and remake them and see if that helps.
EDIT : It helped for a few minutes, then it started crashing again.

Hey there. Bumping this threat to ask where I can find Monster’s guide to the scene saving/loading glory? Didn’t find anything on his sticky but maybe it’s called something else than saving/loading and scene switching.
ThanQ :j

Big update : It stopped crashing after I applied the mirror modifier to my character. But I still don’t know how to create cutscenes. Oh well

you can find it in my signature. Check the libraries link. Look for Saveloader ;).

For a normal 3D game, you’d make different actions and trigger them while locking any controls on the objects (so the player can’t move, for example). You could use identical objects without the controls directly for this purpose, as well. In any case, once the cutscene is finished, you’d move on and “re-instate” control. The easiest way to do all of this would be via Python to give you full control and ease of access to the objects that need to be timed to run together effectively (though that’s probably mostly because I feel more comfortable with Python than logic bricks, haha).