Game Engine(Ketsji) Code Documentation

I create this thread to put your understanding of GE code.
for the first diagram, i put this

this diagram show what i understand of some lines of GE code, may be helpfull

this is a great thread, hopefully some of the masters will show us some of there knowledge, because there is nothing on the net about this specific part of blender, or the source code in general. I’ll try to post anything I find here.

haha, this has the material to become a sticky if I’m not mistaken…

excellent thread zaghaghi
here some docs of Ketsji:
Blender Documentation:
Module GameLogic with source code:
Tutorial Actuator Snailrose:

hey POCHO thanks for that link on the blender webpage, I have never found that one, but it gives an awesome diagram, and snailroses tutorial is awesome. I also vote for a sticky, especially if this becomes big enough. If we want more people working on the ge, we need to make it easier to learn ketsji, and how it works.

Maybe this will encourage people to develop for the GE.

Good idea.

thanks POCHO, nice links