Game Engine LOD and mist attributes animation?

Mkay so i noticed that there was a new Blender build 2.75a

And it says it got LOD for the game engine, and i found some sort of lod

how does it work??

and also they said “mist attributes animation” what does that mean? and the Mist pannel

Looks pretty much the same to my eyes?

Read the release notes

ty, now i got the mist thing, but i still dont understand exacly how the LOD thing works

It’s to stop flickering of LOD levels when the camera sits just on the transition distance due to floating point precision. It means that transitioning from LOD1 to LOD2 happens at a different distance to the reverse (LOD2 to LOD1)

ohh, so it is not an actual Level of distance thing where object and terrain loose verticles the further away the camera gets?

Yes it it! :smiley: go to the object panel of your object/section of terrain and generate a LOD for it :slight_smile:

i dont understand? i cant find any “generate LOD” ???