game engine music

im making a game and i want to put music in it but every time i import some music an error comes up. so far ive tried .ogg .wav .mp3 but nothing seems to be working

Can you specify which blender version that you are using ? and are you using audaspace / pygame / the soung actuator ?

Also if you could post the error message it would be helpful

im using blender 2.49b, the sound actuator with the audio window and the error i cant tell you what it is because windows is stupid and dosent tell me what it is apart from you have encounterd an error send error report or dont send

Try the newer Blender 2.55. The older Blenders had problems with sound - you could also try other sound capabilities. Audaspace seemed promising, in particular.

thanks awesome but whats Audaspace is it some kind program