Game Engine+New Gen consoles

ok…im pretty new at this

Is there a game enginge(i think thats what its called) that is a first person shooting game. Like Halo2-Half Life2

So all i would have to do is make models…and levels…and stuff

My next question i have a doubt about.
Is there anyway that i can get a game to work on the Xbox, GCN, PS2

That would be so awsome…and it would just be for my friends and junk… :wink:


if someone would like to help me build a game(like neone will %|)…that would be pretty cool…

Most games come with editors to do that. I know unreal does. There’s a pretty big community of people that make mods for Unreal. It’s really tough to write games for consoles.

Ok, I know next to nothing about this. So I’m not sure if this is correct.

Linux can be ported to run on Xbox. Blender can be used on Linux. Put two and two together, Blender games could run on Xbox. %| Lol, I could be totally wrong.

Jason Lin

lol that would be cool goldentaiji :o ur so smart, and if it dont work then err shh, fridyrls as said befor most game engines come with the game like half life :smiley: im in the production of makin a mod for it but keep it on the low lol.

although it is possible to get blender running well on the xbox, gamecube and playstation 2, it will not be easy

and besides, if you don’t have skills coding anyway [if you did you wouldn’t have asked probably] you’d be better off starting with something simpler [aka don’t bite off something too big to chew].

learn how to use blender, gmax, maya ple, or whatever and make mods for whatever you have avalible. most [big] fps games have mod tools, and are a very good place to start.