Game Engine Physics

In the new alpha version of 2.4…the physics are still jack for the game engine! I create a simple box and plane, drop it from like 10 units and when it hits the plane it bounces, but it continues to turn on the z axis…if i put the rot damp on 1.0 it is unrealistic…


  • Andrew (Who still thinks a rigid body system should have been made BEFORE a softbody or fluid plugin…)

they’re being developed by different people

did you try the bullet physics engine [the option is in the world buttons], it is MUCH MUCH better

[I consider boxes and other non-sphere dynamic objects a hack in solid, they were introduced with lots of issues]

Wow! Bullet does work better. Thx. Now does it apply to Softbody and fluid simulations or just the game engine?

  • Andrew

the ONLY physics outside of the game engine is soft body and fluids
[which also only exist outside of the game engine]


  • Andrew

bullet, sumo, and ode physics do not exist outside of the game engine