Game Engine Power

How powerful is the game engine interms of the amount of polys shown at one time. I read some where that 1 guy has got 1.5 million polys for 1 car in a game.

There is the url

Even though your graphics card will determine the amount of polys rendered at one time at acceptable speeds, the ceiling is kind of low compared to other engines, however, OGRE is currently being implemented and will raise it significantly.

The link you posted seems to be to a piece of art that someone did for a still render, not a game.

yeah block01cube is right, that model seems to have been made for a still render, a car model that wiykd be used in a game wouldnt have a polycount that high.

Hi There well Blenders GE is actaully pretty strong if you know how to use it
Here is an old link of mine that I believe will help you out :

I been using blender’s GE For a pretty long time now and I find when making a game you can’t have to much poly’s because then it would lag the game. Seccond 1.5 million polys seem’s to be to much just for a car model. I would go with block01cube sounds like a render image.

And blender is getting better everyone version so I would stick with blender not to mention its easy to learn the GE and blender is free unlike other 3D Engines. Not to mention Blender uses python very easy to learn I still need to learn abit more of python but I am good at how it is.

And the secret to making a good game is the game play. because say you have a game with the top graphic’s of the year if the game play suck’s then the graphic’s wont matter.

now if your game is going to have good graphics. your models dont need to be high poly they can be low poly execpt you will need to be good at Uv Mapping and you will need pretty nice texture.

Good Texture’s Can Be Found In A Game Called Dungen Lords. Google it I think that you can downlaod a demo version for free but you wont get all textures I think… I am not sure tho I may be wrong but my friend owns it and I got them from him all textures. =)

Anyways hope this help’s :wink:


and here’s a online texture maker it’s kinda cool: