Game engine problem....

How do i enable the game engine because whenever i try to use it it says game engine is disabled in this release…sorry for the douple post but noone answered me

Which release do you have? Try downloading the latest version 2.42a or if it’s too much of a drain then try an earlier version like 2.25.

i have 2.42a…=’(

It must be because your using open bsd or whatever. Can you use linux instead? Either that or you’ll have to download the source and figure out why it’s disabled for open bsd.

i am using open bsd…The open bsd version doesn’t have game engine?

Apparently not. It could be something simple in the code, or something complicated, but I think it’s because no one has used Blender with open bsd so it wasn’t known. You can report it here:

ummmmm ok thank you…ya unless the linux version works im screwed right? or are the linux versions compattible with open bsd?

I can’t submit the problem to that site…1 i dont get it and 2 my cookies are disabled and im not turning them on lol

i need a quik fix…

Quick fix: download Ubuntu. Actually, if you’re on a telephone modem like I am, it’s not really a quick fix because it’s about 700 meg. Also, if you don’t have an nvidia or ati graphics card it’s going to run really really slow, and if you do have an nvidia or ati you have to download their proprietary drivers which is no big deal.

ummm okay ill check that out…thank you

wait is it free? sorry for all this lol


its linux and as with most version’s of linux its free.
you just have to worry about download time thats all. :wink:

you could have just typed it in google and found out your self.

sorry dumb question…but my dad works for open bsd so i doubt i can get it…

You don’t even have to install it, you can use the live cd. But I suggest installing it.

ya no cant use…stupid game engine

I don’t understand. What can’t you use? Ubuntu?

but my dad works for open bsd so i doubt i can get it…

Maybe he knows someone who can fix the source code for you if he works for open bsd. Erwin works the most on the game engine so you could probably pm him and ask him what needs to be done.

fireside it isn’t open bsd that’s screwed up it’s the blender for it…Or i think that’s what you ment lol.