game engine problem!!

my problem is that when i press “P” to start the game windows finds an error and shuts down blender.:frowning:
may anyone help me?

what error does it give you?

it just say´s “windows as find an error and “blender” will shut down”

goto windows update, and make sure you got service pack 2 installed.

also get your graphics, CPU, and sound drivers all up to date…

re-install blender

i´v done that and it steal doesn´t work!!

Still, not “Steal”

hmmm, backup all you data and try re-installing windows, after a complete format of the partition.

re-install all drivers,and service packs,

install python,
install blender…

if that dont work it must be some kind of hardware failure.
do a memtest on your RAM… just get a ubuntu ISO, burn it to a CD, and when you boot into the live cd, choose memtest, and let it run overnight.

if you get errors you have bad RAM, try taking a stick out (or pair depending on your mother board) and try running memtest again… keep doing so until you get no errors… that way you know what memory stick to replace.

some mother boards demand that you have the RAM in pairs, so just removing 1 stick is not an option.remove 2 at a time in this case.

hope that helps.

many thaks il try that

Do you have a model in view when you press P?

If so check for double verts, the renderer cannot handle 2 verts in the same location and will give that error every time.