Game Engine problems on mac

I am currently using blender 2.49a on a mac osx 10.4 ppc with python 2.3.5, I just got started using the game engine and am having some issues.

I wanted to know how the game engine works so I went to a video tutorial on youtube on how to make a dominoe, after following the instructions I had a domino that was supposed to be sitting on a plane, but when I run the game engine, the domino wiggles, then bounces, higher and higher, until it eventually falls throuhg the plane, it is not clipping through the plane, and when I do the exact same thing on a windows box, I have no issues.
Also note, I downloaded some of blends of other peoples blends from that used lots of dominoes and other components, in this test, dominoes started falling over before they where touched by anything.
I downloaded and installed a newer version of blender and still get the same problem. Has anyone had this problem and know how to fix it? If so, help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!