Game Engine proposal being a 2D UI layer?

It’s in here. Apparently proposed by Zaghaghi

Zaghaghi also discussed 2D filter work as well, I see he isn’t going to stop at motion blur.

zaghaghi offered status on 2D filter work

zaghaghi discussed idea about providing a 2D UI layer for games built using the GE. zaghaghi will research and present more formalized proposal idea.

Go Zaghaghi!

Yeah, good to get more motivated people working on the GE =D.

ya that sounds good.
hopefully he can get the 2d filters(or at least motion blur) working on radeon cards. I tried so many different ways of modifying his code to get it to work and it wouldn’t. The idea for the ui thing is really cool, and would make menus alot easier.

sweet another dev!

yay! long live BGE :smiley: