Game Engine question

Hello blender artists,

Im developping a game on BGE and, like i am kinda noobie on blender yet, i came here to try to find some soluctions.
My game that im trying to creat basically is based on a person trying to catch objects around the map on certain time , like countdown games.
I’ve already created the map and the character, however im having a problem like when character moves, with camera in first person, the walls of some houses disappear, and he passes throught out them… thats my biggest problem since now.
Other question is, where can i find some soluctions to finish my game based on other similar games?

i hope had been cleared and get some help


To answer the first question, make sure your houses are set to NOT restrict rendering in the outliner. I can post a pic of what I mean if need be. To answer the second question, I am not so sure there have been games like that before (but I haven’t looked at many BGE games). All I can say is Python scripting sounds handy for a game like that. Hope I helped!


First of all thanks for your attention! If possible try post a pic for i see what you meant :slight_smile: here is a game closer to what i want to do I will try following the steps of that tutorial

best regards

its better that you post a .blend, this way we can check and try to give you some good tips.

Yes OTO i thought about that however i dont know how to anex my blender file here… it would be really easier to understood.


If you zoom in on it, you notice how house 1 is set to restrict rendering (the camera icon on the right). House 2 is NOT set to restrict rendering. Try and see what you get. :smiley:

For stuff disappearing on you, check the near and far clip settings on you camera. As for running through walls, you’ll need to use more physically based movement (the regular location on the motion actuator won’t work). Change your character’s physics type to either Character or Dynamic and play with the new options in the motion actuator.

Oh yes Ezio i see what u said, its right, it set to not restricted so thats not the problem… the fact is when i put the game running, and the character view gets closer to an house, her walls starts to disappearing… here is what im saying. That yellow thing on left side is part of build wall, when i get closer to wall it stars disappearing…

Here is some problem and for me theyre big problems on my game : on first picture the problem is that i can see trhought my build, it seems that it only exists the front wall and no back wall… on second pic is that when i get closer to a build, the walls disappear… Moguri my character is already in character type and i tryied put it on dinamic and it stills running through walls…

The first picture is a result of backface culling. By default, only on face of a triangle (the front face) is rendered. There usually isn’t much point in rendering the backface, so it’s skipped for performance reasons. However, you can disable backface culling in the material options (it’s under Game Settings).

The second picture is an issue with your near clip plane. Go to your camera settings and turn down the Start value under Clipping.

The more efficient solution is to check the normals of the faces and correct them, though this can be time consuming if they’re not consistent. You can see the normals of the faces by pressing the N key to bring up the proprerties pane in the 3D view while in Edit Mode. The face normal button is under the mesh display section. Note that the direction the normals point is where the faces will show up visibly. Pressing Control+N while a face is selected can correct the face normal in some circumstances.

Thanks so much for ur attention, it recognizes the really cool and helpful is this forum. The back walls its already nice, it no disappears on render so thats fine. Now, i changed the clipping, however i changed that values before cause my character appears on camera when i move her to the sides, it starts appearing in front of the camera( ex on pic, my character is that square on picture )

… sorry but im really noobie on games and blender too, however i like it and i want to learn more things about that powerfull software

If you want your player to be invisible, then go to the Physics Properties (not sure why it’s in here) and select Invisible. Or, create a material with an alpha value of 0.

Thanks man, it worked! just one more question and i guess final for now: I’de like to creat a night ambience, the world setting from blender render to blender game changes so i cant put the option stars… do u have some options?

Hello you can watch a skydome in Blender tutorial ( for exemple. And you can make the skydome vertex parent to your character if you want…

oh thanks for that youle!