Game engine Question

Okay so my question is quite simple, the answer may not be.

QUESTION: If i am creating game in BGE ONLY USING Logic Bricks How could i set it to that it adds +1 Point into a property when the player clicks on a Square. I’ve got it set up as of now using on mouse click add 1 to the Property. but with that they can click anywhere and it will allow the Points to ad up. But how do i constrict it to Only work when they are on the square.?

mouse over sensor or raycast/radar sensor

Would you mind covering how to use the mouse over sensor or link me to a tutorial?

You have two sensors, one is Mouse Click, set to Tap (so if you hold the mouse down it wont add 60 pts/sec) and a Mouse Over Sensor (this has to be on the square), both connected to an AND controller, connected to you add points actuator.
Alternatively you can use a Mouse Over Any, but you have to add a property to your square (remember the property name). It doesn’t matter which type of property you use.
You always need the Mouse Click though

really easy.

Watch some YouTube tutorials. They are 5 - 20 minutes each. BornCG has a good series for beginners.

Spend about a week watching 2-3 a day. Then many questions will be solved and many ideas will be born :wink: