game engine questions

Hey, I’m new to BGE, and I’ve been running into problems, so help would be appreciated

  1. How do I stop the little “hop” that the objects do whenever I start the game?
  2. How would I go about doing this? What I tried to do was duplicate the vertices of part of this plane, but when I tried to add color to it, it was acting as if it were still part of the object I duplicated it from. How do I make it its own object?
  3. I parented a camera to the object so it would follow it, but how do I start out using the camera’s view when playing?
    I’m sorry if this is really simple stuff, but I couldn’t find information on it…

For 1. The little ‘hop’ is just the physics, the objects jump because the bounds overlap, SVN remedies this to an extent with a new version of Bullet.

For 2. I think ‘P’ key in edit mode seperates a section into its own object.

For 3. Just start the game engine in the camera view.