Game Engine questions

Hello all :slight_smile: i got difficult question about blender Game Engine. after this answer i will post another one, im very active and my dream is to create my own game in physics - i will do everything to create it, learn everyday Blender, and the fastest way to learn is to ask others for current questions :slight_smile:

how to make my bots (enemies) that they would follow my player and allways avoid walls/trees/rocks etc? i mean, that they would seek for an shortest way to be near player, but if on way are any materials, they would go around them.
i think here i need an Python programming. if anybody knows tutorial about this, please tell me :slight_smile:

if you dare to download this boring “game” you’ll notice that the “bots” have a very basic AI without python scripts.
You can try to adapt it to your game, maybe?!
If you need help, let me know!

your game is huge, with lots of scenes, layers, objects. in which scene which name of enemie should i search to find your enemies game engine blocks? :slight_smile:

I guess that my answer it was a bit “vague”, but your question it was very “vague” too!
Even if my AI example is basic, it demands a quite good knowledge of GE basics.
Anyway, go to “game” scene!
Select a “bot_oto_physics” object
This object controls/carries all the Logic/Objects/Meshes of the “enemy entity”
This object follow a path animated with IPO keys ( you can do it manually, but it’s much more easy using the “Path2Ipo” script!
Theres different states too
the starting state its just a basic walking animation
When the “Near” sensor detects the “player” it triggers the “state” changing
In the “new” state, there’s a “survey” animation
And so on, each new event trigger a state changing!