game engine reference

Does anyone know if there have been many changes in the current game reference compared to the one in the blender gamekit? Mine is copywrite 2003.

Depends on the refernce. What’s in your and I can tell you whats in mine.

The Game Kit has a e-police, a couple matching games, skiing, a boat game, tube cleaner, a fps, and a pumpkin demo.

That sounds like the same as mine, but they went to a downloadable version for 2.34 that doesn’t have any demo’s with it and cost 8 dollars. I have a feeling the reference part is not much different, though.

It’s probably something that the game engine useres already have. You know the list of directories with the sensore, actuatorss, and so forth.

Yeah, but nowhere is there printed the python functions except in the game kit and it’s a bit brief on explanations. I was just wondering if any functions had been added with the update in the game engine, or the python functions might be explained a little better. I guess I’m making progress the way it is. Like here’s something from the reference in the Blender gamekit:

setUsePosPulseMode( bool flag);

Set “flag” to True to switch on positive pulse mode.

No example code, nothing. Just that.


new (not everything is well documented, but the older stuff is)

I’d imagine you’ve seen that though

there was a pdf with the gameblender documentation for some old version of blender [2.20 or 2.12 or something?]… whatever, I guess it could be on

I’d imagine you’ve seen that though

I saw it a while back but forgot to bookmark it and couldn’t find it again. Thanks. I wonder why there’s an instance variable for scaling but no scaling function?