Game engine Render Texture --- Need help

I’m developing a simple game and I’ve added a material and a texture. I’ve also done some UV mapping, to see if it applies, well it does. But everytime I run it on game engine render mode, i dont see my texture. I tried saving the exe file as well but still the same, no texture , no materials included.

Need help. I’m new to this so pls make your explanation as simple as possible :smiley:

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  1. If the texture doesn’t show up in Blender, it won’t show up in a runtime, so don’t waste your time there.
  2. What shading mode are you using - Singletexture, Multitexture, or GLSL? The texturing methods change depending on the shading mode.

I guess the view mode is in shading rather then texture (shading mode is default).

I’m using Multitexture