Game Engine Runtime Debugging

Hi, I have a bge game that runs fine in Blender, but in the game engine runtime the videos and sounds don’t load (which they do when playing within Blender, same directories).

Is there a way to read console messages while running the runtime? A command-line switch perhaps? That may provide a clue.

2.62.0, Win7, 4 MB ram, 1GB embedded video RAM
(Also tried it with 2.61 32-bit on the same blend file - same result.)

You could press Allt + Tab to switch from game engine window to console window.
Open up the “cmd” prompt in windows. (type “cmd” on search area)
Browse the cmd prompt to the folder containing the game runtime.( the cd command)
Type “game.exe > debug.txt”

This will save all the debug messages shown in the console to the text file.:eek:

Nice. Yeah I just realized the console actually is running behind it.

So the problem turns out to be that it’s choking on “import bpy”:

ImportError: No module named bpy

It runs fine in the BGE of the editor, but not the runtime. Does the “export to game engine runtime” module not copy over the relevant python libs or dlls for the bpy module?


Monster, you love that image :smiley:

Yes I do :evilgrin: