Game engine runtime error and lost textures in blender 2.37

Hi, mabey its just me being silly, but i cannot get my textures in the .exe, i have packed all the data perhapse its because i cannot seem to save the dynamic runtime (it says : unable to make runtime: unable to find runtime)??? any answers please, what am i doing wrong? :frowning:

Wich version of blender do you use ?
If it’s 2.25 (publisher) you need a key to make runtime.

no its 2.37, i have tried so many things, even in “p” mode in the 3d window it has no textures im so confused!!

Use File–>Save Runtime. As far as I know the File–>Save Dynamic Runtime is obsolete.

You say you aren’t seeing textures from within Blender when you press “P”? Best guess is that you’re not using UV mapped textures. Blender materials and textures, applied through the Material Panel, will not show up in the GameEngine. Do a tutorial on UV Mapping to learn how to apply textures for realtime.

Ricky Dee

thats the kiddy, thanks Ricky