Game Engine shadeing

A shadow in the blender game engine is what imm looken for. Is there anyone who knows how to creat the shadow. Thanks!:slight_smile:

A simple spot shadow will often do, but if you’re looking for something more detailed, I’ve seen several tutorials on how to make shadows (I’m too lazy to find them, but if you use the forum search…) Don’t expect realtime shadows though, because the blender GE can’t do that yet. <- has an example or two of shadows that I did just playing around with vertcol and BRayBaker (i think thats the name) Just do a search for BRayBaker there is atleast one tutorial floating around. Or you could go to the alienhelpdesk site(author’s site of BRay script). Don’t have a link for you. But the author of the script goes over all the buttons.

These are just methods for faking shadows. No real shadows yet… I thnk.

When the Game engine renderer switches to OGRE you’ll be able to have real shadows, but it will slow it down. You want the best shadows for static objects you’ll need to find a sort of lightmapping scheme.

You can make simple dynamic shadows with a little bit of python (oval shaped alpha textures, using the orientation matrix to pivot around), but it won’t look as good as true shadow casting.

OGRE (once implemented) will provide shadow casting by default.

PS: While true shadow casting does make things look “nice” it sucks down major cycles. In other words: Dynamic shadows in OGRE are most likelly to cut down framerate in half (depending on how much you use it)