Game Engine - Shadows only with spot light?

Hi - a newbie question: do real time shadows in the game engine only appear when the light source is a ‘spot’?

If I use spot, I get nice shadows as objects move. If I change the light source to ‘sun’ or other, the objects no longer cast shadows in real time (works fine if I render).

You currently need a lamp that casts buffer shadows not ray shadows.

On BGE you can only use spot lights in order to have shadows, and as RIchard said, you only have shadows with buffered shadows, you could also create fake shadows with textures.

harmony adds support for sun shadows aswell

Thanks for all the replies. As I wish to stick with 2.60, I’ll use spots!

this needs Glsl?

Yes, shadows do require a GLSL-enabled graphics card.

sorry for me, but still i can fake them