Game engine shape keys don't seem to work

This is a pretty simple one. I’m trying to find a way to make my FPS character duck (in such a way that effects the player’s collision box size) and the search has been maddening, but I thought I might have finally found a way - shape keys.

I just made a shape key called “Crouch” and 3 keypoints, the first and last standing and the middle crouching. I did this in the action editor and named the action “Crouch.” When I scroll through the timeline in the action window I can see my player doing the crouch animation so I know the shape key is working just fine.

However when I add shape action actuators to my player object and set them the play the corresponding frames when C is pressed/not pressed, nothing happens. Not a damn thing. I’ve checked and rechecked the logic bricks. Everything is in order. I’ve tried changing the physics settings such as making the player object static and such to see if maybe the game engine has trouble applying shape keys to dynamic objects. The shape key still didn’t work.

My guess is there’s some step I have to take to make shape keys work in the game engine - but since there aren’t any tutorials out there (that I can find) on using shape keys IN THE GAME ENGINE I can’t really tell. I’ve created the shape key animation correctly according to every tutorial I can find - but again, none of these tutorials say anything about the game engine. You would think the shape action actuator would be all it takes but. . . well, that’d be too easy and logical I guess.

Anyone know how to do this? Or perhaps have another method for crouching? If you have another way, keep in mind i need the collision box to shrink along the Z axis accordingly (so just lowering the camera wont’ cut it).

is there another animation running at the same time?? That might be the problem. I had the same thing. All you have to do is change the priority in the action actuator settings.

Nope. I started from a basic blender setup with just the cube specifically to see if I could get this crouch thing to work. all I added was movement (WSAD) and mouselook functionality, which involve no animation.

I had similar problems recently.

First make sure when you added the shape that it is a shape key, it should say AC:ShapeKey. When I was trying it at first and I hit the add new it was just adding an action, and not a shape action. I had to hit the add new button twice to actually get a shape key added. (AC:ShapeKey)

Hope that helps. If not, post a blend of a simple cube or something and then we can troubleshoot it.

EDIT: actually it should say AC:ShapeAction in the action editor. I have trouble getting it to add one properly. I have to ‘X’ out the first one that I add, because it always is an AC:Action

here’s a little test file and it works for me in 2.49b:

use this function in Python bge.logic.getCurrentController().owner.reinstancePhysicsMesh()