Game Engine status v2.25 - 2.40?

hello all. i am trying to get a sense of where the game engine is right now. i was a publisher user up until the open source switch. i have continued to use blender 2.25 since, but not at the same level :(. but, recent additions to the game engine like frustum culling and pixel shaders have recaptured my interest.

i’m glad to see erwin is still involved ( hi erwin :slight_smile: ).

with the exception of armature support, is the whole of the 2.25 engine still intact?? what ever became of the audio system - openAL was reportedly too unstable in the 2.2x days - so fmod was used. are the pixel shaders and bullet physics officially maintained? should i expect any current features to break in the near future? and will we finally get stencil buffer support?

i would LOVE to resume my game blender projects, but should i wait?

thanks all, and congrats to the team - open source blender looks better than ever!

Well, 2.41 will be released very soon and I think it does have armature support.

I cant think of anything 2.25 had that 2.41 wouldnt have.

2.25’s greatest advantage was that it ran very smoothly, even if your game world was large and complex.

armatures asre definatly back.

I can say i know what constitutes for a large world but a couple of 10 000’s is the highest i’ve pused mine with bulet and sumo and both work.

I think all the 2.25 stuff is make except mp3 and ogg support (which will how fully stop putting ice cream truck inspired music in there games so i’m happy)

but it ain’t seems like theirs to much complaints about the engen at all

where do i find information about future game engine development? where do we submit feature requests etc.?