Game engine still in development?


I just was wondering if the blender galme engine is still in developping or is this has been stopped?

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If you mean the internal game engine - that was removed in Blender 2.80 if I’m not mistaken.

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games in blender zullen dus nooit mogelijk zijn?

English please :slight_smile:

There are unofficial projects like UPBGE that add a game engine environment inside Blender. But no, the Blender Foundation focuses on 3D creation, not on realtime/game engine development. There are of course also other excellent open source game engine environments available like Godot. And then there’s Amazon who just open sourced Lumberyard, although there’s still a lot of debate about their motives.

Upbge is based on current master, and wraps bullet physics, and sdl2 input, and openGL filters.

It’s really fun.
A few days ago we updated the XR actions branch (VR) of upbge, (xr2)
It’s a tough little engine.

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i think they already stopped working on it

Anybody that used blender now, will notice there is no game engine in it. Sure it ended as noted.

There is the upbge, how ever no bricks for programming, that was why I used the game engine five years ago for a demo, which then led onto some mini games, with some help from four or five individuals on this forum directly. Overall it was a failure for myself, but there was some success in creating some mini games based of what I would of liked to played had their been a Lost in space game.

The answer is YES. The game engine is still under development. Currently we have versions based in Blender 3.0 alpha that uses eevee as renderer. You can download from here:

P.D. They still use logic bricks although there are another logic system (Python components, logic nodes or simple python)


A few days ago we updated the XR actions branch (VR) of upbge, (xr2) -
Loki, Youle, Mysticfall and I have been working on it.

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Great to hear the Blender Game Engine is still in development :+1:

Hi - bge cut from blender version 2.80 and high, enthusiasts - Lord Loki Reled, Blue Print Random, Libranka, and somebody are doing UPBGE - and constantly every 2-3 months they show an assembly with new features - sometimes it’s a little longer, but the progress is already great (this is purely my opinion) and it gives me hope that someday I will see a full-fledged Uchronia Blender Game Engine

So that is the closest to scifi weapons, those effects.

Who? You mean… youle? Or Tristan.

Maybe i not right riding name :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:, just i see mr.Libranca in github in topic development upbge 0.3

Excuse the question, but is UPBGE the official Blender Game Engine now then, but spun-off?

I don’t make games myself but I’m just curious because I was really annoyed when Blender announced they were removing the game engine. Also, does UPBGE have a way of getting around the problem Blender faced in protecting game assets?

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no, ubpge fork - independent development, and official blender foundation not support upbge

wow, so I’m not invisible after all.

I’m not part of the team though. I planned on taking up 0.2.5 development but I never did; I’m too busy doing my own thing to fix any really significant issue the engine has.

*cough* everything is a PyObject *cough*

That aside, all my Blender tools are made __specifically__ for legacy UPBGE because that’s what I use, so there’s that. But as far as engine development goes I’m happier hand-rolling stuff myself.

Just clarifying this in case the misunderstanding spreads.

Upbge has the same GPL license as blender, so any code would have to be available to anyone who gets your game. Technically, your assets (models, textures, etc.) are protected in a legal sense, as they would generally be covered by copyright. But there isn’t a great way to prevent anyone who has your game from taking the assets.

My advice: Don’t worry about it. Nobody is going to steal your assets. And if they do, so what?

I apologize I did not correctly write your nickname, I saw your comments in the development of upbge 3.0 on github and for some reason I thought that you are one of the developers of upbge eevee, could you give a link to upbge legacy? I was wondering what kind of fork of the engine it is

Currently, somebody can hack any game-extract resources, animations, voice acting and everything related to the game as you were told, you should not worry about it- if the game is interesting to at least someone it will be hacked, no matter how you try to protect the files, the only thing you can do is remove the ability to edit models in blend files by closing all tabs except the main 3d view or use methods that have already been discussed earlier-look for them on the forum