game engine, stuck again ..

okay, so while awaiting responses to my problem in a tutorial series, i started another to try and learn more. only this time it was using logic bricks and one of them is deprecated or something?

i dont have the f-curve actuator and i dont know how to continue without it?!
p.s i read that you should understand logic bricks if you want to script, is this true?

Yeah, the F-Curve Actuator was removed in favor of the Action actuator, which is better than the F-Curve actuator, actually. I believe you can now use several different animations without having to use an armature.

so i should just look up the action actuator and continue with the tutorials then?

Yeah, that should work fine. You’ll need to specify the animation, which should be named after the object that you animate (by default).

I should mention that I haven’t gone through all of Goran’s tutorials, but he’s active on the forums, so he can help you out if I’m wrong.

Thanks, i got it working : )
though when i spam the space button the animation repeats and the objects keeps moving further and further back. i guess i should just find a way to limit it from doing anything until the animation is finished?! though i dont know how to do that yeat, haha