Game Engine super slow/ unoptimized. Help appreciated.

We’re doing a senior class project in Blender.
One of my team mates built a game, but it’s got a few issues:

  1. it’s big - uncompressed, it’s about 256 MB
  2. it has become slow
  3. It brings just about any laptop to its knees. It’s not supposed to do that.
    (zip is 29.4 Mb) :

I’m not as experienced in the game engine as I am with other parts of Blender.
Any possible resources, fixes, or help is appreciated.

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File size
There’s lots of duplicate mesh data (which explains why it compresses so well)
Mesh data can be linked by using Alt+D instead of Shift+D

I don’t really have an authoritative answer for this, but the rasterizer seems to be eating quite a bit.
Some obvious solutions:
-lower the object detail
-decrease the amount of objects

I managed to get a crash with the official 2.65a. My debug build is very much old and broken and I need to sleep :[
Hopefully someone can provide a better answer.

Way to many keyframes.
I deleted them all and saved about 200MB space.

Instantiate same objects instead of duplication.
Reuse keyframe-sets for similar objects.

1.Laptops are not designed for gaming and game dev> don’t expect super framerates.
2.Its quite incorrect to call a game engine unoptimized > the game made on it is unoptimized.
3.Tell your friend to put up more time on optimizing .

runs 30 FPS on my Nvidia 8600GT, which is pretty old (2007). And it can handle 20-60 zombies running at you at 60 FPS :slight_smile:
Also, on older pc, putting an occlude around camera may help a bit to increase framerate.

Keep optimising

Okay, update : we deleted all the keyframe /action data - that cleaned up the file quite a bit. we also linked the objects to the same object data.It shrunk from 256 Mb to about 10 or 20 mb