Game Engine Test

Just toying around with the game engine…does anyone know how to make the faces double sided? i am aware of the two-face button in edit mode which obviously didn’t work.

see attachment if you wish to play, and it’s not just a cube on a plane either

sorry if this is in wrong thread, it is a test.

your wisdom (advice) is always appreciated.


best game.blend (395 KB)

Your face needs to have UV coordinates (edit mode, u -> unwrap). Then there will be a new panel in edit buttons called “Texture Face” with a “Twoside” button. The same settings are also accessible in the 3D view by hitting Ctrl+F -> Face Mode Set.

will try control f, as i said above i tried 2- face button in edit mode…and sorry about textures, mine work, didn’t pack images. if anyone wants to see it with textures post.

I guess I wasn’t clear enough, sorry about that. I meant: for “Ctrl+F -> Face Mode Set” to work, your mesh needs to have UV coordinates. Only then you can set faces to “Twoside”. This is a different button than the edit buttons, Mesh tab, “Double sided” button you were referring to.

In addition to “Ctrl+F -> Face Mode Set” the same functions also appear in edit buttons, in a new tab called “Texture Face”. This tab also only appears in edit mode and when the face you want to work on has UV corrdinates.

Here’s an image from the wiki.