Game Engine Tests

I have decided to set up a little project in blender game engine. And Post The results over time in my youtube channel. To share things I learned and came up with during the my tests. I work professionally with game development so I will also share some of my knowledge about building games and how I feel about the state of BGE.

This is just me getting started so there will lots of more coming up.

I will call this Project Renegade

Introduction Video:

Post Update Sneak peak video:

Update to Enemy Cultist Sculpt.

Video of some rendering normal maps tests:


Sculpting the face of a character for the game:


Old Test:


Channel link

you sir have some talent there… maybe make some tuts for the mortals down here

This is my plan I will try to do some tutorials on a range of things as I go along. This is just a sneak preview.

Top notch work.

the pbr, have you tried upbge realtime cubemaps yet?

I’m using a PBR shader from on some of the things.

nice bro… i like it

Awesome so far. :slight_smile: Can i make a suggestion, vsinc should be off. Just add some filters and it will enhance the screen. :slight_smile: When it comes to armature, use FK and less bones. For scripting and SCA use states. I guess you baked the shadows of the static objects.

I havent really done any real work on the animation I’m mostly working on the rendering and assets. I want to create a nice space running at 60fps first. I only bake AO The lights are dynamic I’m not happy with the result so far with my baking of shadows. Will probably try another setup for it later. I Will look in to the FK I do use states when I get to it. Still only looking at the assets. I’m not super happy with most of the screen filters so I might have to write some of my own.

Also thanks for all feedback: )

I like where this is going

I have coded a nice ui, and inventory as well as armature physics for these types of games before.

My other 2 projects the artists bailed on.
(one was a bit impatient and green, the other went back onto another team)

I have learned quite a bit since this even

Looks cool : )

A little late reply, But AO are not shadows, but i guess you know that. :slight_smile: You could do; bake the AO and Shadow in 2 separated files, then combine then in gimp. Now youll have a lightmap, but you could only bake the shadow and left the AO, and use a ao filter like the Twisterge faster AO from the resources of the forum. If you want hdr for the filters, youll have to use UPBGE.

I meant that I only have AO baked in the maps currently. I have not Baked the shadows becouse I’m not pleased with the resoult if the baking of the shadow maps(most likly due to my settings).

Introduction Video Update:

I started working on a Gizmo Blend file with some simple Gizmos that I will use for the game was thinking I would share it in this link.[](

Trying out some materials and the diffrances between PBR aproch and normal shaders

are you using bge or upbge?

Just regular blender

I think if you use the realtime reflection probes + static environment probes you could get a sort of global illumination based edit:PBR

<a href=“” target="_blank">

with refraction, reflection and absorption :smiley:

edit: mip map based roughness