Game engine: textures "transparents" glass


I can not find any tutorials for making a glass/ alpha effect for a texture on the UV mapping system for the Game engine.

I saw on this website that someone posted many examples for the game engine he made and he managed to have a glass!

How can we do?

ps: I know how to do on blender but not on UV mapping mode.:frowning:

load an image with an alpha channel [one that’s somewhat transparent and saved as .tga or .png]

press the alpha button in the paint buttons [they show up in the edit buttons in uv mapping mode]

press alpha, then copy drawmode

Heres some images that will work as glass when you select the alpha in Face select mode enjoy… :slight_smile:
the second picture in the folder witch is .png will work when you open it though blender.

Those are some great alpha textures braveheart…its like the glass is so clean I can’t see anything at all!

Check out Blengine’s demos. He shows how to make glass.

oops sorry bout that :o :eek: here they are:-


Many many thanks!

It was clear and simple!

I think I tried but I missed the option “Copy draw mode” or something.

But it works perfeclty fine thanks to you all! :slight_smile:

SO I summarise for other users:

To have a GLASS effect or Any transparency on the Game engine:
-go into UV face mode.
-Select a image with transprency: (beware on the preview it often not seems transparent. you will check later anyway)

  • go into the uv mode option called “face” and selct “alpha blend mode” and the option “copy draw mode”

Thats it!!!

if you want better explanations just email me as i cant spend hours to detail properly… and not sure its useful! :frowning: got a important honours project to give in a week!