Game Engine Textures?

i modeled and couloured a water model for my game but when i start the game it shows up white. How can i fix this?

did you add a texture using the materials and texture windows, or the image window?

if not the latter, then you need to read up on how texturing works in gameblender.

Materials and Texture no image i dont want a image!

Unfortunately, you can only see textures in game engine if they are Vertex painted or UV mapped. :expressionless: sorry.

Yes, materials and procedural textures are for the renderer only. Though there is some crossover into the game engine with things like the DYN settings.

You must use UV mapping of images and vertex painting for texturing in the game engine.

something to consider if you want to use a material in the game engine is to rendenr it on a plane(64x64,128x128,or 512x512 etc…) save it as a jpg., bmp, tga,etc… then uv map it on your model , some light tinkering will be involved for it wont look exactly the same when you uv it, but i’ve gotten some descent results. :wink:

Me too.

I think I heard that sometime they will put materials in the engine, but it is a long ways from now. :frowning: