Game Engine Vehicle sneak preview.

Use the official Blender 2.42 (release candidate) distribution:

Use with preview 33 demos:
Physics Demos:

Graphics Demo, including GLSL Parallax Mapping:

This time some bug fixes. During loading of 2.41 or older .blend files, Sumo physics is automatically replaced by Bullet physics. This can be reverted manually.

(NEW)- restitution
(NEW)- kinematic interaction with rigid body, allows IPO and MotionActuator (dloc/drot) interaction with dynamic/rigid bodies
(NEW)- after loading a 2.41 or older SUMO file it will automatically enable Bullet. However you can switch back, and save.

  • Bullet Baking fixed (first frame was not recorded, and now it records from the ‘currentframe’ onwards)

  • PropertySensor Changed/MessageSensor triggering IpoActuator behaviour changed so it plays animation

  • Bullet Physics/Raycast improvements

  • bugfix/feature: ‘dynamic’ non rotating rigidbody, useful for ‘character control’

  • bugfix: collision sensor on ‘added objects’

  • vehicle demo (raycast vehicle)

  • hinge constraint, and new demo ‘4x4 wheel’

  • collision sensor support (‘triggers’)

  • ghost / trigger rigidbody support (collision detection but no contact response)

  • several other Bullet fixes / improvements in collision detection and constraint solver

  • increased the logic tickrate from 30 to 60 hertz (experimental),

Graphics Docs:


Previously this was the announcement of 2.41:

Thanks to snailrose,Lagan and others, the new official 2.41 Blender release is out now: It has support for OpenGL GLSL vetex and fragment shaders, Blender Materials and multi viewport.

Get the full 2.41 demos here (includes extras like Domino demo, GLSL pond):


Demos should look like below.

Woot! Toon shading.

Thanks all these cool new features, much appreciated.

Cant figure out how to use the toon shading yet, but then I am a bit dim :slight_smile:

Edit: just found the tutorial… derrr

You clearly diserve the digital pat on the back, and to all the others that made this possible. Props you all of you, a job well done!

:smiley: :smiley: Wait toon shading! :o

Whooow :o Really awesome features. I directly downloaded the build and tested those cool features. Also I came up with some error in my blender console but I’m not sure if it’s the graphics card of mine that doesn’t support GLSL shaders or it’s something else.
This is what I got.

Python script error
Traceback (most recent call last):
	file "", line 141, in ?
	file "", line 130, in MainLoop
ValueError: GLSL Error

Python script error
Traceback (most recent call last):
	file "A", line 141, in ?
	file "A", line 130, in MainLoop
ValueError: GLSL Error

unable to initialize image(0) in MAMaterial.001, image will not be available
unable to initialize image(1) in MAMaterial.001, image will not be available

Python script error
Traceback (most recent call last):
	file "", line 115, in ?
	file "", line 107, in MainLoop
ValueError: GLSL Error

Python script error
Traceback (most recent call last):
	file "", line 103, in ?
	file "", line 92, in MainLoop
ValueError: GLSL Error

I’ve got an Nvidia Geforce 2 TI

Anyways, keep going it’s really cool I can’t wait to see this in the official blender release :smiley:

How big is the actual executable? (Not too big I hope, I’m on dialup)

Okay, I did some testing, and here’s what I found.
First I tested my Zark game, which I designed for 2.36.
Here are the issues I found:
-The scenery tends to shake, for no apparent reason.
-The animation of the Zark climbing into the ship at the spaceport wouldn’t play.
-There seems to be ambient lighting, which I would prefer as an option rather than a preset.
-It seemed like it took longer for him to climb ladders, and he fell slowly, even slower than before, it seems to me. The falling speed is already too slow.
-In some of my files with unpacked textures, most of the textures weren’t loaded (not true in other versions)
-The issue discussed here is still in evidence.
-The last part of the game (The Fossil Institute) ran much more smoothly than before though. Kudos!

I also tested my Mr. Nutcracker game and was surprised to find that none of the dynamic objects could move! The framerate was high though.

I looked at your demo files as well. They all worked except for toon shading (it looked the same as ever) and the starwars character’s shaders didn’t work so hot. (My video card is getting up there in years)

My video card, by the way, is an NVidia GeForce4 MX 440. My operating system is Windows XP.

Hi Erwin,

saw this as a demo shot for the physics engine of Houdini

I assume it could be done with a collision actuator in Blender? (Vase detects collision with sphere, the vase is swapped with a prefractured vase, then collisions happen as normal…)

If so if a GE user could do a tutorial on something similar and then baking to IPO that would be really great.


Official testing build for Windows

not up yet - please use erwins for now…

ffficial testing builds for linux 32 bit

official testing build for os x

official testing build for AMD 64 linux

official testing build for BSD


Hi erwin,

for some reason using make files to build the game engine with cygwin on windows I’m not getting sound to work

everything else works as expected,

here is my

export NAN_NO_KETSJI=false
export FREE_WINDOWS=true
export NO_GAMEENGINE =false
export NAN_USE_BULLET=true
export NAN_QUIET=true

and here is the console output when running the nutcracker game above.

Using Python version 2.4
Unable to load: libtiff.
Try setting the BF_TIFF_LIB environment variable if you want this support.
Example: setenv BF_TIFF_LIB /usr/lib/
Detected GL_ARB_texture_env_combine
Detected GL_ARB_texture_cube_map
Enabled GL_ARB_multitexture
Detected GL_EXT_separate_specular_color
GL_VERSION: 1.3 (1.3.4276 WinXP Release)
WARNING: Sound actuator act1 failed to load sample.

Just realized that 2.25 game engine test will all be using the old physics, so if you want to test with bullet in the World setting will need to be changed to bullet

hmmm and I forgot to put the list of tests in my post :slight_smile:

here is the 2.25 game engine test suite - you can use it in addition to the tests bundled above in erwins download

The following two mostly duplicate what is bundled with erwins demo build.

Hmmm.Not bad :slight_smile: .On 2.37a my file runs 350 FPS , but on this one it runs 380 FPS.Thats pretty cool!(somehow the GE is becoming more and more faster by every version of Blender).Keep up the good work guys :smiley: !


it’s not possible to build openal and the blenderplayer with cygwin, try to use scons and the microsoft toolkit.

Cya, 8)

Hey all,

A new demo can be found here

Its an attempt to create realtime water,
It makes use of both vertex and fragment programs.

The water idea is based from the gamasutra article Refractive Texture Mapping.


Hello snailrose,

it tested the new gfxdemo (realtime water).
with Windows 2.41 RC2 with nvidia 6600gt
from here:

and on the shell have an error:


Thanks for the output :slight_smile:
It seems like I was declaring a variable with a builtin function, dot = dot()

The problem shouldn’t be there anymore with the updated demo…


i made a simple plane with a box which can be moved around on it with the cursor keys. the box is very jittery. it always sinks a bit into ground and jumps up again. is this normal? the box has [actor] and [dynamic] enabled but not [rigid body].

Many of the demos give me the problem ‘GLSL not supported’, so their crazy features aren’t shown.
I’ve updated my onboard graphics driver, and I still have the same problem (of course, we’re talking SiS, who really can’t be bothered with OpenGL).
Is there any possible way to get GLSL support? Excluding getting a proper graphics card - it’s a laptop!


for GLSL you need very good and recent OpenGL support, only fairly full powered and recent graphics cards are going to support it.


OK, so it’s basically hardware-limited. Fair enough!