Game engine visualization problem

I have a problem with the visualization of a 3d model into game engine. :frowning: These are the photos of the view in the editor and the bad view in the Game Engine.


Game Engine:

go into edit mode in your object, press A, and press ctrl+n. that should fix it. (im not sure though)

oh, and make sure you’re in textured mode.

if clone_adds advice doesnt work: i think theres only the way of selecting all of the not-visible faces in edit mode and press w -> swap normals…

It works an half: this is the new image in the Game Engine
The back part is ok, but the front part is bad yet.

Did you remember to “pack” your project before “saving standalone”? Double check your normals, some of them are flipped.

i think that you have to press the flip normal button in the edit mode (button window)on the faces that are facing the wrong way in edit mode (3Dview)

and you might wanna make sure that the Double Sided button and/or that Draw Normals (edit mode,buttons window) facing so you can see which way its the face is facing in or out

Thank you very much, now all work perfect.