Game Engine Web Application

Is it possible to to offer 3d interactivity on a website through blender game engine? I was going to use as3 and flash but I feel it would be easier to just use the blender game engine, provided its possible to use it as a web application without the user having to download any additional software.


Burster plugin though user would have to install browser plugin and not available for all OSs

The main advantage of flash is that most people already have it installed (apple is trying to change that). For most embedded apps, particularly ones that use complicated rendering like 3d, the user needs to download a plugin (EG for unity embeds there’s a plugin that needs to be downloaded first)

given that there are some 3d capabilities in html 5 it might be possible to make an exporter that converts bge games to html 5 but even if it is possible I don’t think it exists yet.

[edit] oh yeah, and Java is another one that most people have, Minecraft’s embedded player is in Java- but even then the game data is all downloaded and installed on the computer, it’s just the actual executable that runs in the web page.