Game engine - when?

Hello! I’m now using the Publisher 2.25 for its game engine, and I was wondering if there’s any approximate date for when it’s going to be released again?


official date?
not likely

it looks like it could come with the next release
(I am not working on it so I can’t say)

I am thinking probably this year, maybe even in time for siggraph

I got into programming Blender 3 weeks ago, but no serious stuff. I think in summer i’ll have more time and i’ll come with a new versoin with new features, not just enable/disable the gameengine at infinit like they do now.
Wish me luck!

Oh! If I’d looked on, I’d’ve seen that there’s already a test build of bf-blender that says is has the game-engine for Linux! Perfect! It’s probably full of bugs, but I’m dling it now…

Sounds great Gelutu! Good luck! I’m thinking about checking out the Blender source too… I hope they stick with SOLID though. I’ve tried using CrystalSpace and I find it very confusing. It all depends on how they join them…