game engine

Is the game engine good enough to make a long game with it?

yes, length has nothing to do with the quality of the engine, bu the amount of story/content you make for it.

Of course :smiley: .You can make your game as long as you want.

ok, and what about the strenght of the engine? Is it stable?
And also, where can I download plugins and scripts for it?

On my computer running an ATI Radon 9800 pro, it is not stable. It craches like mad crazy. Any openGL applications don’t seem to run well. But I still use Blender, I just turn off hardware acceleration.

on my pc
at 1000 mhz with riva tnt2
I have hight stable!!!

plugins and scripts - search in net … or there :wink:

on my powercolour (radeon 9250) and win xp it is stable as anything inc blender 2.38bullet.

big games take a big team of people cos ya gotta do so much stuff thats the only true limitation with blender IMHO

Dr s

how about are you good enough to make a long game with it?

or even a short one at that matter?


I’m running Blender(any opengl app too) perfectly with my ATI Radeon 9800pro.
Which drivers are you using?

Blender is as stable as the next free 3d modeling, ratracing, and game engine package out there.

I’m running Blender(any opengl app too) perfectly with my ATI Radeon 9800pro.
Which drivers are you using?[/quote]
The latest from ATI. The most obvious problem, that doesn’t cause a fatal crash but it pretty annoying, is the mouse pointer flickering and leaving boxes of mis-drawn parts of the screen (this is when using Blender, not playing the GE. When I do play the GE, it crashes. Sometimes, the computer will just freeze, even in Blender). So I dunno what’s causing it. At least now I know that I’m the only one with this problem :-? .

Gah, getting off subject.

Lagan, if you want to try and help fix this then PM me…I would be grateful. Maybe it’s the settings or something, I dunno…

try using the omega drivers, blender used to look all messy like you describe but now it runs great [ on a mobility9600 tho]

hope that helps

If making a big game is possible in blender? Well let met think about it.

First it depends on you, what do you know about game design, not only artistic but also theoretic about game engines and how games are build.
Some things you could think about are, should I make my game in 1 file, 1 scene and run my whole game inside there? Or do I split it into parts.
Do I use Object culling, LOD to safe cpu useage, what kind of textures do I use aka 1024x1024 or just 256x256, what kind of sound quality, how well are my scripts written? and so on.

Making a game in Blender isn’t just putting a character and a level in a scene use some logic bricks and run. Because you’ll curse your pc of being a bastard not running your game at a descent speed, curse because it loads ages and so on.

The best thing is to think about what’s the best to do, learn blender not only by knowing how to model, but also what are it’s possibilities, it’s problems and how to solve them.
Actually you can make a 100 player mmorpg with blender. But it’s just the way how you design the whole game if it runs or not. Making one big file is not the right way. Divide the world in sectors, make files of them, 1 server isn’t enought, use something else then logic bricks, design your meshes well, and much much more.

The best is to start small, make a puzzle, make some test demo’s like something simple, find out how to start programming python, speak to another people and learn from them as well. :smiley:

Now the answer on the question: Yes it’s possible, No not something like Doom, Half Life2 but defently something like Quake2, unreal1, and some older games. But blender keeps improving and I think if we continue what people are coding on the game engine now, we have in a few years a really nice game engine. :stuck_out_tongue:

My configure: AMD Athlon 1200 MHz, Fx 5500 255 Mb, win98…
FPS in game LOW !!! :< :< :<

We have a full gamedesign and I know the basics of the logics and python.
I’ve made a character but I think its to high poly for the engine, is there a simpel way to reduce the poly’s in a model?
The music is midi (we can convert it to .wav or .mp3 if needed).
The resolution of the textures is not very high so I don’t think thats a problem.

But we’re planning of making a RPG with a big world, I want to split up the world in seperated blender files, how can I ‘import’ other blender files in a running game?

(Sorry for my bad english, I’m dutch…)

ooh, teh doogs posted… note the context peoples…

In the Game Actuater you can type a file address for a new blend file to
start. “Start New Game”

thus splitting your game up into more manageable bits

Dr S

Sorry, but as far as i know the only way to get good low poly models is to make a good low poly model to start with. you can try the decimator but youll probally end up with really weird results.

Im pretty sure the game engine can only handle .wav files normally but with an advanced method using pygame you can use other more compressed formats.