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I’ve been modeling some things for a game that I want to make. It’s gonna be a 2d action thing, but I don’t wanna get into details 'cause it’s not important. >.>

I’ve been learning about the Blender Game Engine, and have read in a couple places that it’s pretty slow. I’m intending for my game to be pretty fast paced, and if Blender’s engine is gonna be all slow, I might not want to use it.

So, if it’s not slow, or there’s a way to make it fast, please tell me. Also, if it IS slow, could anyone suggest a standalone program or something that can use Blender models to accomplish what I’m looking for?

Thanks a lot.

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It’s only slow if you try to make it do too many things at once. Keep your models low-poly, and try to keep your logic streamlined.

If you’re making a 2D game, why not use a 2D game engine?

Maybe its a 2.5D Game? :smiley:

You’re a bit confused, I guess
Blender it’s maybe a slow engine but objects can move fast inside
Give it a try!?

Yep It’s good enough I say, and when Ogre comes, Oh Dear…

YES IT IS! We cannot answer your questions without knowing what it is you are trying to do. 2D as in everything is flat? or a side scroller 3d game? These are things we need to know before we can tell you any answers. what size are your models in face count? how many do you have? Do you have animatios? multiple levels? large levels? Props? do you intend to keep score?

In game making, details ARE important. I would suggest you post EVERYTING you have. Scrips, sketches, models, level designs so we can see what it is you are trying to do. Simply saying you are making a game does not mean you are untill we see for our own eyes. We are here to help, but we need more than what you posted here.

Aye, agreed…

Yes… Tell us all your details. Now:

(Just kidding)
The people here are friendly and we don’t bite.

Nope never! Well that is unless your name is G"sensored" :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Surprisingly, although I’m new to Blender Artists, I’m not new to the internet. :slight_smile:

I’m quite aware that if I needed specific help with my game, I would need to post anything and everything. But I’m not in search of that (yet). I merely want to know if I’m going to have a game that’s more in depth than a bouncing ball, is it going to move slow like some examples I’ve seen do? Or is there a program that I should be using besides that BGE?

A few questions.

Do you hope to sell your game?

What do you hope to achieve with your game?

Can you code? If so what languages and how well?

What previous experience do you have in creating games?

These are important before you start your project.

Maybe it isn’t blender, but your computer? All the exapmles I’ve seen so far works fine on mine.

if u gonna stick to the 2d, why not use gamemaker then?

Quoted just so you wouldn’t happen to miss it, these are indeed important questions! :smiley:

Just use game maker. Make you models or whatever, and save them as pngs or jpegs when you render them. If you are gonna use gamemaker, i can help you.