game engine

I know very little about the game engine. Can you make a realtime animation? I am guessing no


First… this question should be in another place of the forum, which is devoted to BGE questions.
Second: Yes, BGE can handle realtime animation. Keyframes, IPOs, armatures… even procedural (physics based).

You sure can :wink:

Check out this short animation I made recently -

The first part is all animated and played in realtime. I used a screen capture program to save it as a video. Probably not the best way to do it, if I’d had more time I would have set up the game graphics to render exactly how they appear in-game. Which is more than possible these days with the new BGE GLSL materials.
Ive also got a few other game trailers, which feature realtime content, on my youtube channel.

But yes, it would be easy enough to make a full animated movie in realtime using blender and the BGE, but of course your limited by the capabilities of the BGE and your own skills and devotion.

I don’t see a problem with posting here. You may get a better response in another part of the forum though, but I see “discussion” as a very broad range.

Actually I think posts here tend to get more reply’s and faster, but not necessarily all of them useful, so I guess I agree. :slight_smile:

as for using BGE for ‘offline’ rendering, can be done, but not as smooth of a process with much control over the output though. :frowning:

in the future i won’t post here. Ad-Edge, i thought the animation was very well done.i liked the making of. Now let me get a bit more specific If objects in my sim move around , there would need to be collision detection and a bit of A I for behavior all in realtime can that be done? I was told that a compiled language would be my best bet. I was developing a program in C++ skeletal animation that would do the same thing but progressing slowly Just checking to see if it can be done with the game engine


Collision detection is integrated as part of the powerful integrated Bullet physics library. Bullet also supports dynamics, rigid bodies, soft bodies and other stuff.

AI is very much a per-situation feature and is not supported ‘out of the box’, but can be created using a combination of logic bricks, states and scripting.

Armature-based animation (skeletal animation) is a standard, well-supported feature with actions being able to be simply played or mixed (think standard walk cycle with a “wave to friend” action mixed in from time to time). Shape keys are also well supported. You would need to script the timing of the actions in Python, but this is well supported in the API.

The game engine is compiled from C++. Take a look at the source code if you’re interested. :wink:

Good luck with your project, however you choose to progress with it.