game engine

is it just my computer or my or i just dont know what to do,everytime i add a texture to my game,blender keeps crashing,help:(:(:frowning:

There are many things that could be happening. It is best if you list the exact steps you take to make it crash.

As said above, detailed descriptions of what you have done, what you were trying to accomplish, which mode you are running the game engine in (GLSL?), the version of Blender you are using, possibly system specifications, etc. and any error reports that are shown in Blender’s console (sometimes I can open the console window and screenshot an error report before the program closes completely) are vital for tracking down the source of the problem. If all else fails, post a .blend file that demonstrates the problem and see if it crashes Blender on other people’s computers. If you are using Blender 2.54 beta then it is possible you have found a bug.

Also, you will most likely get a more knowledgeable, complete and informative response in the Game Engine Support and Discussion forum. :wink:

How big is the texture exactly?

Anything well over 4096x4096 will likely overload Blender and make it crash, also make sure you use a format like .jpg, and .png over very formats like .bmp.