Game Engines? Help!

Hi. My name is Mike. Me and a bunch of other college students are planning to create an FPS/Stealthy-kinda’ game along the lines of Metal Gear Solid. Anway, we have have everything from programming software, to 3D Studio Max 8, as well as Adobe Photoshop…but not a game engine. :confused:
Are there any free game engines that are compatible with 3D Studio Max? I have tried Unreal Engine 2, but isn’t fully compatible, and gives alot of errors. Someone said that Blender isn’t “that” great with “big” games. If there isn’t any good free ones, which ones are good?

So basically, I need a 3D Game Engine (free or not, but free would be preferred, if not, our college fund can buy it for us) that can import 3D Studio Max models, with a decent or good scripting system, and maybe some other handy features.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

lol I just found this thread after posting on another that you did not finished.
Try this one here :

Or you can try out :

Or you can check out this link with alot of defferent engines :

Hope this helps Cya

The metal gear games are the greatest games in the world.
So I wish you good luck.

Why did you post 2 threads with diferent titles but the same contents?

I just found out recently that irrlicht is “not” a game engine, but instead only a render engine (There is a difference), just like OGRE.

I don’t know about CS, but I think that’s only a render engine too, isn’t it?


The Blender Game Engine is going to jump a few lightyears in a year or so. The OGRE render engine is being integreated (Very big deal 'look at ogres site), and also the bullet engine will hopefully be swept of many bugs that currently plague it (The unstable state of the BGE now is mainly due to the bullet engine, because it’s still very young when compared to how long sumo has been around).

Now you don’t have to use the BGE, but:

  • Be ready to debug lines and lines of “C/++” code (Let’s just say: “It aint python”)
  • Learn the MASSIVE render engine API of the one you will choose to use for your game (Better ones are OGRE and Irrlicht, but it’s no cake walk even with those)
  • Write the game engine (Yes, you would actually have to write your own)
  • Choose a sound engine
  • A network engine
  • A physics engine
  • Make them all play nice with the renderer (and anything else you might have on the side)With the BGE you don’t have to worry about all of that. When you learn the BGE PY API (Which is easy), the pysics engine, renderer and most importantly the game engine itself will be there automatically. (There is basic sound and network support with the BGE, but If you would like something a little more extensive you can use the pygame modules to enhance things in this area). Not to mention that you don’t have to worry about import/export scripts for your models because you can model + texture anything in blender itself and set it up to run in seconds.

I would recommend waiting for the OGRE integration, and then starting your game with the BGE, unless your team includes a “C/++” wizard who will have no problem with any of the bullet points I stated above. Then I would go with what your trying to do now.

I don’t mean to butt heads with social but I disagree with some things he’s said. I’ve compiled both CS and Irrlicht (a very old version of irrlicht) and I consider them both full game engines. Last I heard they have everything listed there such as sound and physics, maybe not networking but it is basically built into the operating system and shouldn’t be in their packages.


Irrlicht and OGRE are just renderers afaik. Sound, physics and everything else has to be integrated seperatelly. You would basically have to choose between things like newton or ODE or Tokamak etc, and then combine one of those with your game framework.

It’s not a package. (I used to think it was too, but it’s not)

Which proves my point.

I don’t know why you are saying that, Irrlicht has sound and everything game engine needs in my opinion. Ogre is also very close to a complete game engine. If that “proves your point” havn’t you also proven the blender game engine is not a game engine.

Well it’s nice that you think that, but can you point to any official documentation that actually states that?

The BGE has everything listed there except for AI afaik. Although the most important part is that the BGE is being developed “as a game engine”, I never said it was complete yet, but it is a game engine.

Afaik, Irrlicht is being developed solely as a renderer.

Why are you being rude, as I said it has support for sound, and the exe had sound in the last version I used. For whatever reason it’s been left to the user to download the dll now. Also it doesn’t have real physics just collision detection.

Yeah, last I checked it had sound through fmod and simple physics. It is a full game engine. That said, I imported a dx8 model into it and it looked like it went through a shredder in the game engine. When I asked on the forum they gave me this huge rig-a-marole on how I might possibly be able to get it work. Also, although the game engine is fairly fast, when I tried using shadows my frame rate dropped down to something that looked like a slide show. It’s probably a decent engine if you can find the right exports somewhere that will work in it. Blender’s dx8 doesn’t work at all well, and the only other choice is md2(dark ages) and milkshape format, which Blender doesn’t have an export script for. Also, if your used to the way blender models handle shading, your going to be very disappointed with Irrlicht. They are very flat looking. With the right amount of work you could probably get a decent fps with md2 models going in it. Myself, I’m not interested in pure speed and I’d rather have Blender even if it’s slower.

I don’t know if I’m too late to post here, but have you tried Torque? It’s not free, but it’s pretty cheap ($100). You can get it from Garage Games.

lol I own that engine :rolleyes: It is cheap But For some reason I perfer Blender Since its very easy to use.

hmmm… But how about also C4 Engine ? That one I believe is Free :S
Correct me if I am wrong …

Here is There Site :


I just honestly prefer torque, although I love Blenders’ logic bricks. Although I’ve never worked with C4, I know someone who has. From what I’ve seen, it’s a nice engine. I’ll have to shell out the $$$ to get it, or see if there’s a demo, so I can get in and play around with it.

I’m a big fan of torque, extremely powerful and cost effective.

Hi PyroMantix, there’s a big game engine database at you might want to look into, in case you haven’t already.


If you know how to code and have 100 dollars then Torque is your best bet. Since 3DS Max is one of the big apps for modeling you won’t have a problem finding engines with importers for it.

I use Blender because it’s free and has a non programming quick approach with the logic bricks though for more power you can use python.

No, it doesnt. They are purely render systems they dont handle sound them self , with OGRE they tend to use FMOD , OpenAL or the BASS sound manager and intergrate it into the game during the develpolement. Its like blender and yafray , blender can use yafray that doesnt make yafray part of blender. its why OGRE is called OGRE, it means Object-Oriented graphics Rendering Engine