game engines

i like game engine in blender, but do you know more free game engines?
which is the best for RPGs? Im looking for something, where programming is no required :o

that my freind, is the holy grail of game makeing. i have been looking high and low, and its just not there…

however! microsoft is making a new game engine which you can make games for xbox 360 and pc with little or no codes. you can download the rough draft somewhere (sorry i cant seem to find it anymore:spin:) but it may be a year or so until it is done and user freindly.

Try RPG Maker.

No programming required…

thanks, it only 2d editor, but ill download and try it :slight_smile:
and 2nd thing - does anyone knows about engine where i can make a game for mobile phones ( J2ME) - with no programing? it does not need to be rpg :slight_smile: any J2ME editor. i tried to find something useful but with no succes

i made a few good games with this…

you can do it with reality factory, but is labor intensive. You must do a bunch of exporting ,importing of models and textures.

hahaha, a mobile game maker that doesn’t need programming… omg… :stuck_out_tongue: if there is such a thing let me know too, i wouldn’t mind making some fast(~2years of dev. on my own) and big(~few hundred million) buck’s… :-)’’

RPG Maker is nice.