Game Environment artist

My name is Pierrick, I’m part of a 10 members studio working on a new game called NOARA.

We are looking for an environment artist in a League of legend style.

The dev. is running smoothly and we’ve been on a lot of game shows and have a lot of great feedbacks. The alpha will soon be released and we plan to release the beta on november.

As a lead environment artist you’ll be in charge of the modeling, sculpting and texturing of the environement assets and maps based on drawn concepts. We’re also opened to your concept. The final output will be runned under Unity, knowing Unity is a plus but is not mandatory.

This is indeed a commissioned offer and I hope we can find a per piece or timeframed deal to work with you.

Please send me a link to your portfollio at p2design(at)

We have found someone.
Thanks to all those who have applied.